1.   Permission for delivery of materials and even during the night hours.

2.   The choice of sourcing materials is left to the discretion of the customer.

3.   Lifting charges extra and may vary according to material need.

4.   Taken care by All Seasons with extra charges after completion of project.(Amc )

5.   Sufficient water for watering the garden has to be provided by the customer      during the garden work.

6.   Water lines with gate valves and water hoses at the needed points have to be      provided.

7.   The curb wall construction and other civil works have to be undertaken by the      customer. If done by All Seasons extra charges applicable.

8.   Sand & Red /Black soil provision and filling to an extent done by the customers, if      done by All seasons extra charges applicable.

9.   Driage of plants and damage of materials will not be accounted after 1 month from      completion of planting if point 10 applies and also the weather conditions.

10.  Damage by any animals will not be accounted at any given point of time. ( a      proper fencing would help the landscape area)

11.  All seasons guarantees plants and trees supplied will be inherently healthy when      planted. Responsibility cannot be accepted for loss after practical completion      since subsequent site conditions are beyond the All seasons’s control.

12.  All seasons guarantees landscaping decors and accessories will be in good      condition when brought for placing or installing. Responsibility cannot be accepted      for loss after practical completion since subsequent site /Weather conditions are      beyond the All seasons’s control.

13.  The client is responsible for obtaining any necessary planning permission for the      works and the fulfilling of statutory requirements.

14.  The client warrants the site is free of underground problems including pipes,      cables, Stumps, sewage drains and waste materials

15.  A Shed has to be provided for the garden workers and keeping the materials.

16.  Taxes extra as applicable

17.  Transportation charges for materials and plants is extra .

18.  Duration of the project for 6months as per agreement from the day it commences      after which a separate bill would be provided.

19.  The conditions for  Payments would be attached when providing a bill or quotation      for approval